Gift the Classic Car Experience

Give that someone special an experience they will never forget. Whether it’s cruising through scenic routes or exploring iconic landmarks, the benefits of renting a classic car extend far beyond transportation. It’s an opportunity to bond with family, relive nostalgic moments, and create new adventures. Gift cherished memories for special occasions like Mother’s or Father’s Day, birthdays, or family holidays with an unforgettable classic car experience gift certificate.

Can’t find the perfect amount? Contact us, and we’ll craft a custom gift certificate tailored to your preferences, ensuring an unparalleled experience they’ll treasure forever.

Half-day rentals range from $220-$660. Full-day rentals range from $440-$1,320. View specific car rental prices by browsing the classic car rental fleet.

Classic Car Experience Gift Certificates Are Perfect For:

  • Car Lovers
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Anniversaries and Date Ideas
  • Holidays
  • Prizes
  • Last-minute Gifts
  • Or Just Because!
classic car rentals for photoshoots along the coast

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