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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the cars available for weddings or photo shoots?

Absolutely! Normal rental fee applies, and you can choose a half (4 hour minimum) or full day rental (up to 24 hours). We will even provide a driver (for an additional fee) if necessary. Visit our wedding service page for more info.
Our classic rental cars make great additions to photo shoots as well.

Important note: we understand that weddings have tight timelines, but all drivers must perform a driver’s orientation prior to MTV releasing the vehicle. If you will not be able to do that at the time of delivery, please plan on arranging an alternative time in to do the orientation in advance with MTV.

Can I take the car out of the Monterey area?

We ask that you limit your daily driving to 100 miles per day, and stay within a 30 mile radius of the pickup spot. If you go beyond the 30 mile radius, roadside assistance from us is not guaranteed. If you go above 100 miles/day you will be charged an additional $2.00/mile. Not all vehicles are allowed beyond the 30 mile radius, such as our 1937 Limo. If you are planning on leaving the Peninsula, please check with our staff before booking your vehicle.

Our classic rental cars are meant to be enjoyed on the Monterey Peninsula, and its beautiful surrounding areas. Santa Cruz, Big Sur, Salinas Valley and more are all within about 30 miles. There is plenty to see and do!

We do offer transporting services to areas outside of the Monterey Peninsula. Those services must be prearranged with MTV as costs vary. Not all vehicles can be transported, however, so please check with our staff before booking your vehicle outside of the area.

Can we bring our furry friends?

We love them too, but sorry no dogs or pets allowed in our cars. They are lovingly restored classics, and we would like to keep them that way for years to come. If there is visible pet damage or fur left behind, repairs and additional cleaning fees may apply. Thank you for understanding!

Do all of your cars have automatic transmission?

Nope! Please ensure that you are choosing a car that you feel comfortable driving. If you do not know how to drive a manual transmission car, please don’t practice on our beauties!

When searching for a classic car to rent, you have the ability to sort by manual or automatic.

Do I need to fill up with gas?

No. Your processing fee includes fuel charges. If you rental period requires more fuel, we will provide instructions.

What if we have a problem on the road?

Please call us right away! Business line: 831-337-8800 or Warehouse line: 831-915-0136
We do offer roadside assistance within a 30 mile radius of our location. We will either swap out a different car, or arrange a ride for you. Refunds will be made when applicable.

What if I want to surprise someone, but I don't have their DL & Insurance?

No problem…we love surprises, and we do a lot of them! If you cannot procure their driver’s license and insurance prior to the reservation, please make a note of it in your customer notes so we know to get it from them on the day of the rental. Let us know how you’d like the surprise to play out…we’ll play along!

Do you have chauffeurs available?

Chauffeur service is available for $75/ hour during our business hours (9:00-6:00) with a 4-hour minimum. After hours chauffeur services are $100/hour until 10:00PM, and $125/hour after 10:00PM. If your chauffeured hours exceed 8 hours, the rate is time and a half. 

Chauffeur services begin when the car leaves MTV. If you need the car delivered prior to your chauffeur services begin, delivery fees will apply.

A 18% gratuity will be calculated on your final chauffeur bill. Please allow us at least a week’s notice so that we can make sure we have a driver available.

Do you rent to international drivers?

We certainly do, and welcome you to California!
We will need to procure a one-day certificate of insurance on your behalf. Please place your reservation for a classic rental car, select additional insurance as an add on, and reply to your confirmation email with a photo of your passport and drivers license. We will process the insurance request prior to your reservation. We will need a minimum of one business day for this process.
Please contact us prior to booking if you have any concerns or questions. 831-337-8800

How and when will I be charged?

Upon reserving your classic car rental, you will be asked to pay at least 50% of the total rental fees for the period of time you will have the car.

72 hours prior to the start of your rental period the remainder of your balance will be automatically charged to the payment method on file.

You may cancel and receive deposit minus a $49 cancellation fee anytime prior to 72 hours before your rental period begins.

Is it possible to have my car delivered to me?


For a fee of $50 each way, Monterey Touring Vehicles will bring the car to you within a 10 mile “radius” of our location in Monterey during regular business hours (9:00AM-5:30PM) with 9:30 as the first delivery time.

Anything beyond 10 miles will be $50 plus $5/mile for each additional mile.

Deliveries & Pickups outside of our business hours are $100 each way before 9:00AM and from 6:00-8:00PM; $150 from 8:00-10:00; $200 from 10:00PM. Additional delivery fees may apply for later pickups.

Vehicles that require delivery & pickup of 30 miles or more must be rented for the Full Day Rate, 

Big Sur Deliveries start at $150 each way, and rentals with delivery and pickup to and from Big Sur will need to be rented at the Full Day Rate.

No deliveries prior to 9:30AM or after 6:00PM unless previously arranged with MTV. Additional fees may apply.

Pickups from & Returns to Monterey Touring Vehicles are no charge unless they take place outside of business hours.

WAIT FEES: Please note, if you are not at the agreed upon location of delivery and vehicle pickup at the times indicated on your classic car reservation, an additional $50 will apply for each additional 15-minute incriment or fraction thereof.


Delivery and Pickup is $100 each way during Monterey Car Week (Friday August 10th-Sunday August 18th 2024) within Business hours (9:30-6:00)
Delivery time is not guaranteed. You may want to rent the vehicle for additional time if you are on a timeline. Additional fees of $50 per 15 minute increment may be charged if you are not at the agreed upon location at the start of your rental, or if your vehicle is not at the pickup point on time.

Same day delivery is not guaranteed.

When making your reservation online, you will be prompted to enter where you would like to take delivery of your rental.

There is no cost to you if you take delivery at Monterey Touring Vehicles 2228 Del Monte Ave., Monterey. Visit our Pick Up and Delivery page for more info.

What are the minimum and maximum times allowed to rent the cars?

We have a 4-hour “half day” minimum for online orders.
A “full day” is 8-13-hours during our rental hours of 9:00-10:00. Car must be back by 10PM. 24
Hourly rates are also available between 4 and 8 hours.

Rented vehicles that require a delivery and pickup of 30 miles or more must be rented for a minimum of a full day.

Business hours are 9:00AM – 6:00PM, however you can drop the car off as late as 10PM.
If you need the cars outside of  the above hours please contact us, we are always willing to work within your schedule, but please note; additional charges will apply!

What happens if it rains?

We’re lucky enough to have great driving weather here on the Monterey Peninsula so most of the year it’s not a problem. If there is rain forecast we can reschedule or refund your rental, just be sure to contact us before the start of your rental.

Where are your cars from? Who owns them?

Our cars have come to Monterey from all over the country and are owned by Monterey Touring Vehicles. They are all part of our private collection of classic cars.