Garage Style Magazine Special Newsletter

A lot of people are still going to Monterey Car Week. It’s their tradition, it’s what they do, so they’re doing it. Some are still bringing their special cars, but the majority seem to be electing to fly in and live with the basic airport rental, while others are just driving their daily drivers. Just being there is the main thing, that’s what’s important.

But why not enjoy the drive just a little more? Imagine navigating a Porsche Speedster tribute along 17 Mile Drive; or cruising a Cadillac Eldorado up the coast; or roll downtown in a Mustang GT convertible; arrive to dinner in style behind the wheel of a late model Bentley Turbo. It can be done; Monterey Touring Vehicles can help.

Located smack in the middle of Monterey, Monterey Touring Vehicles rents fantastic special interest cars, making each drive a little more festive, and a lot more fun. They’ve long been supportive of the Garage Style efforts, and we have a great relationship with them. Get to know them and you’ll see why.

Check out their classic car fleet, it’s amazing – from a DeLorean to a VW Bus to a Nissan 300ZX Convertible to a Triumph, the portfolio goes on and on. And, if you’re not heading up this year, maybe keep them in mind for subsequent visits. Maybe Monterey Touring Vehicles will become part of your tradition!

This year, Monterey Car Week crowds will be smaller, streets will be more accommodating, and you can bet clerks everywhere will be friendlier than normal, welcoming you to restaurants, hotels, and shops. Why not enjoy it all behind the wheel of a really cool car? It might be fun to rent two or three cars, one for each day. At their prices, it’s easy to do. You know – for a few dollars more, MTV will bring the car to you and retrieve the other one. Maybe start with this 1970 Firebird and trade over to 1992 Bentley Turbo.


Scenic Memories

Monterey’s rolling hills, rocky cliffs, endless ocean views, quaint villages, and so much more make it a destination of millions every year. It simply doesn’t get much better, especially for motoring enthusiasts. Monterey Touring Vehicles can add a little more zest to the memory making, picture taking days by helping you pick just the right car to take it all in. Imagine posting pictures with a car like this 1964 Corvette Stingray or something more along the lines of this 1982 Fiat Spider convertible.


Make the Most of it All

Whatever you choose to do, make it enjoyable, memorable – not many people remember the bland box they rented on their vacations, but cars from Monterey Touring Vehicles will absolutely create memories within the memories