Deft Auto Makes the Most of 2020 Car Week in Monterey Touring Vehicles’s Porsche Outlaw

“A Blind Tiger Car Week & the Outlaw Speakeasy”

Deft Auto makes the most of 2020 Car Week in our Porsche Outlaw and how two car lovers took Car Week into their own hands!

When Covid struck in March, both Cliff and I called it: Car Week was going to be cancelled. It only made sense that the various travel bans, shelter-in-place orders, and recommendations to avoid large gatherings of people would kill these public events of hundreds of cars and thousands of people, all pouring in from all parts of the globe to share a golf course or grandstands at the same time. Sure enough, the Concours, The Quail, and eventually the historic races at Laguna Seca postponed until 2021. After the heavy hitters bowed out, each and every supporting event followed.

However, as the summer and pandemic developed, we realized two things: 1. proper mitigation might be possible, and 2. others might be as stir crazy as us. We couldn’t kick the thought that if we went, others would be there, too. And even if no one else showed, we knew we could still make something of the weekend. Cliff and I texted: C: “Maybe we should rent [a classic car from Monterey Touring Vehicles] for a day, maybe the old Porsche Speedster, and write about having our own car weekend in Monterey during the car week that wasn’t.” S: “I love this idea.” C: “That 356 Outlaw looks awesome.” S: “Yeah. There are quite a few cool cars in that lineup.”

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